The sun appeared and I rushed all the things outside to capture a small testing session. The big satellite dish with it's new legs was already a struggle. The things tend to fall and take everything with them on the path they pass. I eventually managed to drop it on a chair, as it was a drunk person. You felt the energy being reflected when standing in front of it. The image of my hand being slightly lit up by the reflection is proof that it is kind of working. But the satellite dish itself was warming more up than my hand, this indicates that there is plenty of energy being absorbed.

My small 3D printed glued metal setup was also there to be tested. The metal plates are pretty good in reflecting the sun it's light. What I can learn is that the change in height in the model is too intense. (Y-axis) Finding the reflecting heat spot with the setup was not super easy, this is again something I could calculate in an analogue way. Something I perhaps should.

My balcony was rather looking messy after the tests, combined with other things that were laying around. I felt happy with the mess, it made me think of the surroundings of a show I recently watched. It's called the hidden life of machines, made by Tim Hunkin. A great admiration for the work, his website can be found here.