Dutch Design Week online, less inviting, it is a bit too much online upon everything I already do on my computer. We had a free week, but the development in the projects should continue. I have updates to report on the boiler and the parabolic dish.

I again felt a bit drowned in information, this made me to (again) arrange the project in three divisions. Reflecting and concentrating, Heating the water, Following the sun.

Going further in the process made me think more of a certain goal that I want to achieve. It would follow a path where I develop a plan out of my prototype build out of trash. The design will be made, so that it can be produced on an industrial scale. That industrialized shape will then be tested and evaluated. (It's a raw idea)

You can take a look over here where the first steps are made to translate the trash found solutions in a more industrial producible matter.

Acetone, scrubbing, the outer skin layer of my hands went down the drain of the sink. The paint came of with struggle, having a rather unique look. Sanding took some time, but it was a good cause for my lungs to try to get as much paint erased with the acetone before the sanding started.

It rained the day after I went with a fine 240 (for wood) sandpaper over the dish it's surface. The dish was turned upside down, I was afraid that it might start a fire (maybe an yet too optimistic idea). But some water made it's way on the surface. Rust appeared, and heavy oxidation! This is a big steel object. Can I coat it easily, with a simple technique? Or should I use other metals. There are more light reflecting objects than polished steel and chrome coatings.

And suddenly I saw myself in a mirror, it reflects light pretty good. There are plenty of them, I can order them in specific dimensions. Can I make mirrors on my own, a new topic to discover. 12 mirrors (15cmx15cm) are now waiting to compete with my satellite dish. Topics related to 'reflecting and concentrating' that I will work on are; Identifying the parabolic shape, coatings on metals, production of a mirror.

The ZBar their can tops arrived, I also had to consume these erwtjes in blik to make use of the flat surfaces of this can. A gas stove had some hollow metal tubing that I took out of it. I will assemble prototypes the 26th. I am also learning how I could create a greenhouse around the boiler, how to make the material absorb as much energy.

The project that should follow the sun is a bit stuck in a traffic jam of electronic component struggles. I brought the wrong arduino nano's to the Netherlands, I brought the ones that are destroyed by a broken 12V to 5V converter that fried them at 12V.

The assembled setup can be done better, the cables of the light sensitive resistors are too short to be connected efficiently to the arduino. I was a bit too focused on this arduino project, there is more than this version, speaking of a mechanism that should follow the sunlight. I will do more, I should look for different methods to follow the sun.

I am planning to do two more interviews, one related to building a parabolic mirror, one more in relation to lowtech. The hands on work brings again new ideas, compared to sitting behind the computer. I am excited to go to the metal workshop again, it has been a while and that is a bit sad.I leave you with two inspirational pictures, and a set of flowers that a blue colored chain threw out.