It has been a while since I posted an update, my apologies. I would like to start with showing my results of what I have been working on. Here are my final scale models, mainly to test the new setup. Seeing how the light combines on my hand was a pleasing conclusion.

I started to draw a parabola, I then positioned the different x-axis values of the positions of the mirrors in my model (See drawings at the bottom). Having the ability to model this in solidworks saved me a lot of time. I failed a lot to get the positions right, having a fast 3D visualisation makes it possible to change everything very fast. The act of failure becomes less hard, as I dont spend two hours into the workshop, but just half an hour on my computer. I hope the screenshots make a bit of sense, how I created the shapes I have now. The extruded shapes are positioned from an origin, but they do not fit yet into the grid that I will use to combine the mirrors. This is why I cut them out at the angle of their position, seen from the top view. The biggest fault that I first made in my drawings was to have the origin placed into the first mirror (Xg). This would make the setup fail if I would combine the four elements together, this fault has been discoverd and fixed later in the process.

Producing small prototypes with the printer became a habit, this speeds up the process pretty much. It makes it again possible to have less 'injury' when a fault has been made, it's even easier to encounter failures faster, although they could sometimes be avoided by thinking a bit more. As told earlier, I develop 25% of the mirror array. Just this part has to work to make the entire 100% to work. I reproduced the final model once it has been succesfull. My only sad point was the lack of small reflective metal pieces. I could not totally finish my testing setup.

A great part of my time was spent on this

I feel a bit stupid making not that many process, I did make all these drawings, it felt as I was in highschool again for some moment. Just wrinting down the values brought some pleasure and joy. But I do think the work tempo could have been a bit better, looking back to my last update on this website makes me feel as a lazy guy who did not a lot these last two weeks. So I write myself some working topics down in order to make sure what I will work on them. I want to build 25% of the structure in a 1:1 scale, again to test and duplicate it when it all works out. Next to that I'll make sure that I can show on paper where the light combines (the position). And make a developed model of the water heating element.