Ground zero of my corona infection? Well I cannot know it. A preventive test to go back home turned out positive, suprise suprise. It has been a week now, there is energy to work again! The image shows a part of the trash that Emmaus Eindhoven has to offer, they were so kind to allow me to take some condensor off some old fridges. Even the tools were there available for me, very kind! :)

To make a fast conclusion, I went to Emmaus to find a copper tube in order to bend a very simple heating element for my project. However, this copper tube was not there to be found, then I got the opportunity to seek through the trash, what made me collect a bunch of things I like, things I dont really need. And there were the fridges! The condensors seemed perfect, and already black, perfectperfect. I went to the workshop, cutted it up, made the most 'shitty' metal spotwelded sandwiches and left with a rather neutral feeling. One of a sense where I lost time making something too complex and propably not efficient. But it did remind me to keep it simple! I just need a cilinder, black paint a jar and a copper tube. I will make it, promise! Here downstairs are some end results visible, I used these references I printed for another project, they help to bring a scale and it makes it look cool I think. The workshop process can be seen at the bottom of this update.

Another development during my quaranteine is the outcome of some new fittings! I did leave a margin of .5 mm, and it fits after applying pressure! An important thing is that the support material is removed correctly. The mirror has also a new connection method, it is being held in place right now with a new type of fitting, it seems to work good. I should now make a final 3D model on my computer to check if there are no errors left. One thing that has to be changed will be the fittings that put the mirrors in their specific position, some of them take up too much space upon the Y wooden sticks, nothing too bad!

A small last developement concerns the hotspot, where all the light gets combined. A steel tube would be here, being able to resist heat, having the option to attach different elements upon it. Things such as a pot, boiler, ect.