I made the conclusion to concentrate the sun in a small point, this will get me the highest temperature. It offers a possibility to do more than heating water alone. I could cook for example with the sun. My first model should be made from trash materials, Eindhoven has plenty to offer. A parabolic dish found it's escape from the landfill.

Nearby Louise, an entire neighborhood is currently being demolished, they started to remove the roofs after asbestos has been removed out of the old houses. A special sight, I don't think that I have seen this before. The surface of the area where the gardens used to be was entirely covered in bricks. This made me think of the movie Panique Au Village, a similar sight. A roof tile and a plastic chimney were also saved from the trash. Both elements have seen a lot of sunlight, the chimney polluted burnt gas to heat the home. I want to have these objects around to inspire me through the process.

Transportation was not easy, finally leaving a desk to do things by hand made me again realize what difference we make when doing hands-on work. This object is not easy to transport, it is pretty big. I will return to the site to unscrew another satellite dish. To cut it into pieces, to make a puzzle.

Reflecting the sunlight, and concentrating it. A shiny bright mirror is wat I aim for, the white coating has to be removed on the satellite dishes. I had two examples of reflecting metals. One was a smooth polished piece of sheetmetal, the other one has a coating on top of it. I want to see what results I can get from a good polished metal, how durable is it? The reflection coefficient should be near zero, I strive towards that result within a lowtech context.

Eventually I started up for objects that could function as a 'boiler', where the concentrated sun would shine upon, where water could flow through. Heat exchangers have an interesting form for this, especially the circular ones. Now it is up to me to find an accessisble shape, that can do this job. Tin cans their caps will be the first ones that I will try out. I asked the Zbar if they could keep a few, but they seem to forgot it. Another week to wait. Kidney beans will be on my personal menu this week, to be sure I have some caps.
It is good to also see other methods how I can concentrate the sun. I am aware that I am lucky to have the access to a disposed satellite dish, but I should seek further and find also different solutions.

The light tracker is born! We are only missing the servomotors to complete the product. They are quietly waiting at tinytronics to be picked up.

Study materials and scans of my notes can be seen below here, I also started to read a book; Sifting the trash, a history of design criticism.