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Lena Trullier
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  • behind the scenes

    2020/09/23 presentation

    Ubuntu philosophy

    First crapy and chaotic video communicate my fascination for the open-source philosophy Free softwares' aim is that everyone can innovate easily and freely thanks to a worldwide community of experts and amateurs that share their work

    The Big Flat Now

    A series of fictitious articles describing a world where everything is flat and the same, melted by the internet. Dominated by digital means and communication platforms fb, ig, yt, where infinite data is accumulating on the same level. Rapid collision of ideas. 'Raised by a global chorus of voices, our identities are voluntary, malleable, and unprescribed. We are everywhere, anytime, and everyone at once.' Everything is 'content', and it's a renewable energy source.

    Ubuntu inspiring definition

    'Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu word, meaning 'the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity', that Linux used for the name of their open-source operating system.

    OS website

    Open Source And Climate Breakdown is a platform illustrating the concept of SHARING KNOWLEDGE FOR FREE. Here are gathered projects, researches, statements, relating to the climate breakdown situation, from all over the world. Open source most powerful aspects is the accumulation of learning on a common platform, the constantly evolving resources inputs, the willingness of people to make public their own thinking for the benefit of others, the urge to shift our way of working and interacting with others over a digital platform. The urgency to tackle the climate breakdown problem requires powerful tools and new systems of working. As the internet was built on open source standards within a few decades and is still evolving faster than any other network, making use of this method for environmental issues is necessary.

    2020/09/23 documentation

    Metahaven interview/ nulpunt project

    Libre graphique design essay

    Documentaries about free softwares

    Logiciel libre, une affaire sérieuse

    Bataille du libre


    Les communs/ guerre

    The cathedral and the bazaar

    2020/10/01 documentation


    Les communs numériques : éléments d'économie politique


    2020/10/01 Joost Van Baal

    Joost Van Baal -> get in contact

    EindhoveN Open Source Interest Group -> get in contact

    (enosig, spelling in lower case) is a loosely coherent group of people in Eindhoven and the surrounding area that focuses on the subject of free and open source software (software).

    Related websites

    Progress, the commons, and Freedom

    2020/10/05 documentation

    The municipal center of Saynatsalo by Alvar Aalto

    Project for the public space, designing for the community

    The future of sharing and access by Kevin Kelly


    2020/10/06 documentation

    Open source in music

    Copyrighting all the melodies to avoid accidental infringement - Damien Riehl

    Gears software designed by the musician Pierre Lambla


    Open-source governance



    2020/10/10 Plunder of the commons

    Plunder of The Commons
    A Manifesto for Sharing Public Wealth
    Guy Standing

    2020/10/14 Interview

    Interview with Joost Van Baal

    Notes before

    2020/10/15 methodology

    2020/10/24 Libre Graphic Design

    2020/10/29 presentation

    I am interested in which systems we are using and how. How do we use, get and share informations in the past and today? What are the effects on our work, progress, relationships?

    After a lot of researches about free softwares, open-source community and appliances, I realized I was more fascinated by the philosophy, the broader concept these examples are embodying, more than the act of creating myself a 'open-source' platform or a system that would gather people around a particular way of working.
    I want to experiment with the concept of free softwares in my own design process (not related with developing work, either the real definitions of what a free software is officially) and notice the effects, benefits, detriments of it.

    For a more neutral mindset on the concept I will work on, I choose the words Open Libre Access for this project.
    My domain of experimentation will be the graphic design realm which can be defined like this : giving shape to the information to make it accessible and understandable. Relating it to the Open Libre Access it advocates the liberation :
    1. in the work, 2. the tools and 3. the knowledge.

    For now we can turn this experimentation phase into three parts :
    1. the technical creativity
    2. the autonomy in the work
    3. the free circulation of data/information

    I got really inspired by the hacker culture which goals in its practice is to overcome the limitations of softwares systems playfully. Trying to stretch the capabilities of their tools (implying an understanding of internal working systems).

    2020/10/29 experiment design

    a book about visual experiments as a research method for fruther applied purposes. Why it is still relevant to research the affects of the visual realm

    the legitimity of experimmenting for its own sake : 'ensuring the sustainability of the human spirit and the development of human skills [...] answering to the need of the human mind to engage in research, where behind things, it sees the existence of laws or new forms of expression'

    2020/10/29 broken electronics

    2020/11/05 broken electronics

    2020/11/08 foraging

    Trying things with Scribus (open-source Indesign)

    Original scans

    2020/11/19 Dogme 95

    Dogme 95 was a filmmaking movement started in 1995 by the Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, who created the "Dogme 95 Manifesto" and the "Vows of Chastity" (Danish: kyskhedsløfter). These were rules to create films based on the traditional values of story, acting, and theme, and excluding the use of elaborate special effects or technology. It was supposedly created as an attempt to "take back power for the directors a s artists", as opposed to the studio.

    <!--A documentary about Dogme 95-->

    2020/11/23 Point, line, plan

    write letters to people with instructions leading to a visual design
    - create a (10x10) grid on a square plane
    - draw a point pattern (onthe grid lignes) following the 3 directions : horizontal, vertical, diagonal (see arrow scheme above)
    - draw a free line construction following the point pattern created previously

    2020/11/26 analog video insert

    setting 1 :
    take a camera and set it up, filming still a lanscape
    the camera is filming the lanscape choosen (we call it background), things are happening, moving,...
    in the frame there is a mirror placed going at a slant, in such a way that you don't see the camera reflecting in the mirror but you can see something else reflected in the mirror
    while the camera is filming the scene, place yourself facing the mirror (but not within the camera frame) with some visuals in your hands and move as you want
    the result is an analog video insertion, very easy to do on Adobe Premiere but not as enjoyable as an experience for the director!

    setting 2 :
    take a camera and set it up, filming still a lanscape
    the camera is filming the lanscape choosen (we call it background), things are happening, moving,...
    place a mirror in a way that its surface covers a half of the camera frame
    place the mirror going at a slant, in such a way that you don't see the camera reflecting in the mirror but you can see something else reflected in the mirror
    while the camera is filming the scene, place yourself facing the mirror (but not within the camera frame) with some visuals in your hands and move as you want
    the result is an analog spilt screen video, very easy to do on Adobe Premiere but not as enjoyable as an experience for the director!

    setting 3 :
    fool around with the concept of this 2 settings

    next ideas for analog insertions and transitions that looks digitally made

    still insertion on a black backgroung

    still insertion on a black backgroung 2

    moving insertion

    (moving) split screen

    volet transition

    cross transition

    black fading transition (with change of landscape

    analog video insertion - still insertion with background

  • !!! tools !!!
  • post-production comments

    what is working?

    The background and the reflection in the mirror have elements that are moving so it is not just filming a still image in a landscape

    The first video because I managed to film the mirror as a rectangle (without fronting the mirror) so it feels like it could have been done with the digital tools of today's editing techniques (eg. AdobePremiere)

    The bright red color of the poster on the mirror contrasts a lot with the background so you f eel less that it has been filmed in the same place.

    what is not working?

    It is better to look at the videos without the sound so we are not distracted by familiar house sounds or noise concerning the set up of the scene. The familiar sound gives an extra dimension that doesn't fit with the fact that the video tends to look digitally made.

    It is hard to understand what is happening in the second mirror because the reflected elements are way more far away. Also the fact that it is placed more to the sky, I am then filming the ground, which is not a really interesting background (there is not a lot of extra informations)

    The second video is filmed without a tripod which makes it shaky and the analog insertion effect is less powerful


    Working analog is more complicated than i thought! It requires a lot of time to set things up, going back and forth to place the mirror and the weights behind so it reaches the perfect angle. It is not just sitting on the couch with the computer anymore, it feels like a great challenge.

    and below a little video from Paris :) waiting at the hairdresser looks like an ANALOG SPLIT SCREEN!

    christmas break

    i thought i would be able to be more productive during this festive times but i found myself blocked in my apartment so I decided to report the field/hands on work to when i come back to Eindhoven

    But I was still thinking about it everyday especially at night when you can do one thing but think and so i would at this moment write some ideas : here they are in a random order

    - use the rail of a typemachine, a bike, a door, a window to put the camera on (stabilized camera movement trick)
    - film something then take a picture then print it then film the continuation of what you were filming with the print as a background and repeat the process again and again and see what comes
    - film a scene where visually the setting can be divided into two different part (due to a sensible variation in the landscape), then put something close to the camera like a thin rope that will be out of focus and it looks like a digital split screen with a blurry separation. We can try to ad 2 more mirrors coming from the sides adding 2 split screens so it looks like four scenes splitted on on screen at the same time
    - take letter/numbers/symbols stickers and put them on a plexiglass sheet then mode the whole sheet in front of the camera and observe the distortion of the text because of the perspective
    - zoom out on an oval mirror pointing at the sky (analog digital transition with geometrical form)
    - dig dirt in forest and plant mirror
    - a mirror on the floor with elements on it and someone moving in the background
    - round mirror on resctangle background mirror both up to the sky so they can reflect something moving from the opposite directions creates two different scenes supreposed
    - dig dirt in forest and plant mirror

    back to digital thinking and reflection with my computer in Paris

    It is some works that are no talking about the analog process i am working on but with digital tools
    here are some still and moving visuals about :
    - perspective, first plan or backrgound, optical illsuion
    - real life installation (the backstages of the videos and the transition between 3D and 2D)
    - transitions
    - bluriness
    - movement (relatively slow and stabilized)

    Analog Text Insertion

  • !!! tools !!!
  • post-production comments

    What is working?

    the window/transparent medium that can be fully vertical so the background is not the floor (in opposition with the mirrors that were on the floor for the Analog Video Insertion

    Window is the perfect tool for a stable horizontal movement of what's on the window

    Creating movement with water allows fluid travel of the object (but it is hard to control)

    The aluminium surface of the stool is so bright because of the light that it seems white (which looks like the letter is floating on a white background)

    what is not working?

    The image quality is crappier than the last test because i don not have access to the school Lumix cameras anymore

    There is some clues of reflection on the glass that are a bit disturbing (and the window is also really dirty which doesn't help!)

    Analog video Geometry

    post-production comments

    what is working?

    the oval mirror is now a perfect circle that is reflecting the blue sky

    with the eooming in and zooming out it creates an analog transition from blue screen to black screen with blue circle

    With some friends we were listening to this song Moonchild by King Crimson. We arrived to the part, after 2 minutes where it is just becoming irregular sounds. I was a bit bored so I said, 'do you want to watch what i shot today?'. And finally all of the shaky effects are working so well with this music. I hope youtube won't delete the video because i don't have the rights told me Ward. what is not working?

    i had a hard time getting the shape perfectly in the middle, my tripod is kind of shaky

    so with the video without editing of only the clean shots you can feel i am behind the camerabut the music opened new possibilities and it is a different feeling watching it. Still you can find a digital effect in staring at this shaky blue circle.

    Analog digital video

    post-production comments

    what is working?

    the camera is so low quality that all the imperfections are disapearing and you don't know what you are looking at

    what is not working?

    in these ones i use a beamer where i project some Processing (Open source software) animation sketches that i coded myself with Javascript

    Still the patterns appearing in the circle would be really hard to reproduce fully analog, but that is why we still like digital tools, and in this case i was able to code it myself.

  • !!! tools !!!
  • here are the tools i used

    a camera

    a tripod for optimal stabilization

    a mirror

    some old moulds as supports to place the mirror

    a drawing laying around

    here are the tools i used

    a tripod for optimal stabilization

    a digital disk camera

    big letter sticker

    a sliding window

    and for the second video

    some water

    an aluminium stool as a support for the rain water

    here are the tools i used

    a tripod for optimal stabilization

    a digital disk camera

    an oval mirror

    a square mirror

    a brick wall

    wooden supports for the mirrors

    here is the whole setup of the analog digital video (with the circle and square

    a beamer projecting moving things on the wall that is reflecting in the mirror

    and some good albums